Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The New Contemporary, Classic, Retro, all-in-one Design of Modern Bedding

Modern bedding is an interesting mix of styles, and ironically one of the biggest elements of modern bedding is retro styles, colors, and designs. With everything from silk to recycled plastics being used for furniture and colors of every shade and hue being seen in the most popular bedding, the designs that are popular have shifted from little flowered patterns to large print, geometric bold designs.
To go along with the whole modern look is the trend of platform beds in the bedroom. Even though they have been used in Asia for centuries, they are just recently catching on here in the United States. Low to the floor and very simple in design, the beds use just one mattress as opposed to the traditional spring mattress and box spring sets.
The designs of modern and contemporary bedding and linens today are charming and sophisticated, and the key is that they also are dramatically understated. It seems that in a world that is more crowded and busier than ever before, people are returning to the idea of simplicity, and are happy to go back to pieces of furniture, designs, and looks for their home that are just that. People also need pieces of furniture and bedding that are functional and practical as well as good-looking, so things like hidden drawers and multi-purpose surfaces are turning up all over different types of furnishings for the bedroom and for other rooms of the home too.
To complete the look of any modern bedroom, some of the linens and fabrics that are used include silk and Jacquard fabrics to Egyptian cotton, which is one of the most popular fabrics used. Organic cotton is also another popular material, and anything that is free of chemicals and toxins is popular in light of the green revolution that is gaining momentum. As thick and puffy comforters are going out of style and simple duvet covers are coming back in style, the look of the modern bedroom looks interestingly retro.

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