Thursday, April 30, 2009

Modern Bedding for Children and Adults

With Spring having arrived for 2009, many people take it upon themselves to do a bit or remodeling and redecorating for their homes. One of the most popular rooms in the house to redecorate in the spring is the bedroom. Whether it is the kids’ bedrooms or your own master suite that needs a fresh, new look, modern bedding brings vibrant colors and soothing earth tones alike into the rooms that need to be brought up to par with the rest of the house.
Modern bedding for babies is full of simple, geometric patterns this year as well as the classic themes that we have seen for the last several years. There are, of course, some themes that seem to never die out in popularity such as Disney characters, animal themes like jungle and safari motifs, and also themes like Precious Moments and other child-oriented motifs are once again in. There are hundreds of different variations for nurseries that are popular this year, and there are also just as many different fabrics that are popular for modern bedding as there are patterns and themes.
The classic material for infants to sleep on of course is cotton, and organic materials are increasing in popularity with every year that passes. Organic materials should contain no harsh dyes or processed fibers in them, and should be as close to natural as possible. Speaking of natural, the earth tones and warm, neutral shades and colors that are en vogue this year are colors like sandstone, deep browns, sage greens, and pale yellows.
Those of us who are not infants enjoy many of the classic textiles like cotton with a new, luxurious twist. Egyptian cotton has become one of the softest and most popular materials for modern bedding today. People love all of the benefits of cotton, like being able to machine wash everything to the smoothness of silk. Other popular fabrics are other organic blends and dye-free materials. The general idea this season with modern bedding can be summed up in two words: simple and natural.

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