Thursday, June 17, 2010

Customize Your Home Media Center with Omni+ Designer Consoles

There is no denying it, Americans love their television. We've established a tradition of gathering around the TV after dinner and enjoying our favorite programs. But now, it's not just enough to have a television, we also need to make room for the high definition DVD player,the cable box, the Tivo and of course, if you have a gamer in the family, the Wii. If you're lucky, you might be able to squeeze a sound system in there, but where will you put the CDs? One solution is to invest in customizable media centers with components that can be arranged to fit your needs. One advantage to investing in multiple pieces of furniture is the ability to restyle your living space easily. The Omni+ collection includes pieces that can be mixed and matched so you can design the perfect home theater. The Omni+ Link Media Center was designed to 'link'' together with other pieces so you can add more storage to your home theater.

Omni+ is on a mission, 'to bring purpose to your home theater furniture'. They collaborate with such renowned designers as Karim Rashid to create functional media centers that are modern and hip. Available in a variety designs and finishes the Omni+ collection will give your media room a sophisticated look without sacrificing what you truly need-storage! Check out more of the Omni+collection on Bobby Berk Home.

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