Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hooked on HGTV Design Star 2010!

Whose watching Design Star on HGTV? Better question: Who isn't?! Design Star pits twelve designers against each other to compete for their own show on HGTV. It's basically the Survivor of interior design. Each week armchair designers watch judges Vern Yip, Candice Olson, Genevieve Gorder eliminate one contestant per week based on a design challenge. We have a real appreciation for Vern's 'tough love' when it comes to critiquing the designer's work. And we don't envy them, all of the designers are talented. It's to early to pick a winner right now, but the stereotypes are already present. Front runner for 'villain' on Design Star 2010 has to be Nina. She's opinionated, with a superiority complex that annoys her fellow cast mates. Her win in the first episode, irritated them even more but she quickly got knocked off her high horse, after she landed in the bottom two on last week's fashion episode. On the men's side Micheal Moeller has no problem telling his fellow team mates exactly what he thinks of their design sense. He told Trent in last week's episode, he didn't want to have to go behind 'restyling' Trent's contribution to the challenge. Trent chose not to argue, but was understandably upset at being told his design was bad. In the end, the adorable Courtland walked away this week's winner. He created a very sharp, modern striped wall mural as part of the fashion challenge. Unfortunately someone has to go home and so far two designers have been eliminated. The first week saw the departure of Julie Khuu and in last week's episode we said goodbye to Tera Hampton. Each gave their, "...I did the best I could. I know I am talented.." elimination speech. Now 10 remain and we'll start to see the competitiveness of some of these players. We're anxious to see more of Stacey's work and still waiting for Tom to really wow us. We can't wait for this week's episode! Stayed tuned for more Design Star updates! And by the way, former Design Star winner David Bromstad's vlog on the HGTV website is a-must-watch. Sometimes catty, but always constructive, his break down of each episode is hilarious!

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