Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gifts Ideas for Father's Day

Father's Day is Sunday, have you chosen a gift for your dad? No? Well, not to fear, we've put together a few ideas for you!
  • A desk clock by Jonas Damon might be just what dad needs to keep him on time for those important meetings. The Numbers LED Clock is a fun and unique way to display the time. It will certainly be a conversation piece for his next client meeting!
  • There is not a dad in the world who wouldn't love to receive a new tool for his special day. The Magis Flo Step Ladder will fit perfectly in dad's workspace. Perfect for when you need a step stool or smaller ladder to get the job done. The Flo Step Ladder folds easily and his compact enough to tuck next to his work bench.
  • Give dad a comfy chair to relax in after a hard day at the office. The O'Neil Leather Chair would make a cozy resting spot for your pop. Made with high quality leather and stuffed white down feathers, you'll have a hard time getting him to leave it!
  • Spruce up your father's home office with a new desk. The Knu Knu Desk #3 is available in different 6 different eco-friendly veneer choices, so you're sure to find the style that fits your dad best.
  • Accessorize dad's new desk with a new desk set from Singgih Kartono. Made out of renewable wood, the desk sets are hand-crafted in Indonesian villages, providing their communities with much needed jobs. Give dad a gift and help others at the same time!
Whatever you decide to get for dad, just remember, the best gift is always your love. Happy Father's Day!

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