Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bedroom Décor Ideas for a Fresh New Look

Decorating and re-decorating your favorite bedroom in the house can be both a stressful task and an enjoyable one- and the trick is to have the joy outweigh the anxiety, of course. While some people seem to just have a natural flair for re-decorating, others of us have no clue where to start or what to do first. Here are some tips to help you along your way to having a fabulous bedroom.
First of all, do not ever underestimate the power of lighting. Lighting can change the entire ambiance of any room faster than almost anything else. If you are lacking a lot of natural lighting in the room, you can opt for bright artificial lighting. If you have ample natural lighting and are looking to create a more cozy, warm look, the softer white bulbs in dim wattage do the trick.
Next, since the bedroom is such an intimate space and part of the house, many people find that it is a suitable place to keep and display their most personal items. Instead of hanging an impersonal picture on the wall, gather some trinkets that have sentimental value and place them in a shadow box to hang. Some people prefer to stick to specific themes for each separate box while others create a collage of memories in them; the choice is completely yours!
Going along with the same importance as lighting is color. Color can not only change the look of a room but it can also change the appearance of the size of it as well. Light colors in cool tone make walls appear to recede, and deeper tones bring in the walls for a cozier feeling to them. To help a small room appear larger, the last thing you want to do is stuff it with lots of things and big furniture. Keep it simple, keep it clutter-free, and you’ll be able to enjoy as much of the floorspace in a small room as you can.
Neutrals with nice, crisp accent colors define the contemporary design of bedrooms today, and crisp, clean prints that are not floral prints can really help modernize the look of a room quickly and with little effort. Plush comforters, duvets, high thread count sheets and amazing pillows and prints all combine to make bold statements that beds need to make. DwellStudio is one company that has made a huge impression on the fashion world not just for their modern bedding, but for their clothing lines as well as items for the home. Do not be afraid to try new things! You never know how something might suit you until you try it, so be bold!

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