Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Decorating your Small Bathroom to Maximize Space

Tasteful décor for any size bathroom just takes a bit of imagination, and if you have a very small bathroom it will also take some ingenuity. No matter what size your bathroom is, the first rule to having a nice one is to keep it completely clean. Some people like to use paint for the bathroom walls, which is a recommended choice when compared to wallpaper. If you have a small bathroom, be sure that you don’t use wall colors that are dark because this will dramatically make the room “shrink” in size quite a lot. Neutral colors and colors that are light are the best choices to avoid making an already small bathroom appear minuscule.
If you have a window in your tiny bathroom, do not use curtains as a covering- this will again make the room appear smaller. Instead there are adhesive sheets of “frosted” transparent paper that can adhere right to the glass, and there are also adhesive sheets that look like landscapes of different kinds. These are becoming more popular than ever to provide a different kind of look to bathrooms of all kinds no matter what size they are. The great thing about these things is that no one can see inside your bathroom from the outside, but plenty of sunlight is allowed to come into the room.
Since small bathrooms will have neutral or light-colored walls, to add color to the room you can count on accessories to do the job. Towel bars, soap dishes, little accents and pictures are all great ways to help add color to the room. If you prefer not to keep towels on the walls, they can be put in a pretty basket in a corner of the room for a cozy, neat look.
If you have a small bathtub, consider using one of the curved shower curtain rods to add a little more elbow room in there for showers. The shower curtain should be light-colored with few details and smaller patterns to help with the “larger” look as well. Use over-the-door hooks for towels and bathrobes to hang on to keep them off of the floors.
Although it might be more difficult in a smaller bathroom, using bright green plants can change the entire look of a room instantly. Even if you add a small plant to the corner of the sink or on the back of the toilet it can really help. If you are going for a more modern look, stick more with plants and less with flowers. Flowers, it seems, are losing their place in décor when it comes to the modern and contemporary look. Many people also use candles as accents, and they can be lit quickly to add a nice aroma not only to the bathroom, but also to the entire house. Don’t forget to add some of those candles to the corners of the bath tub, too!

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