Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don’t Underestimate Your Dining Room Table’s Decorative Power

The dining room table is not only the centerpiece of the dining room, but it is also the focal point of family gatherings, holiday meals, and celebrations of all kinds. The dining set that you have in your home should fit the style, personality, and the décor of your home. Carefully consider your options when the time comes to choose a table. The trend today is to mix different styles together, and even to mix different colors of tables and chairs. The trick though is to do it with class and style. A balance between too many pieces and too few pieces must be achieved.
There are many factors to consider when it pertains to the design of dining room furniture. Shape, size, material, finish, color, and design are important. Also, you will need to decide on any accessories you would like to add, such as table pads, chair pads, or table cloths. Whether you purchase a set or individual separates to mix and match, what you use for your dining room will depend ultimately on your tastes, personality, and your budget as well. A good tip is to search in places that you may not have shopped at before to find different looks. Many people are surprised at the nice selection of retro furniture that they find in resale stores and second-hand furniture stores that fit smoothly into the contemporary decorating styles of today. Don’t be afraid to try something new! If you have had a square, wooden table in your home for twenty years and you are looking for something more contemporary, don’t be afraid to look at glass or metal oval tables in bright colors, for example.
Be careful that you choose furniture that is the right size for your dining room. Tables that are too small make a room look unnecessarily empty, and those that are too large clutter a room up and make it difficult to maneuver around. If your dining room is smaller, you may want to choose a table that is oval or round to save floor space. Rectangular tables usually are able to seat six people, so if you only have (or want) four chairs, you may want to choose a table in a different shape.
Finally, consider the room that you will need for any other pieces of furniture you want in your dining room. Many people add a buffet, a hutch, a sideboard, or even a chair in the corner. Make sure that you will be able to have ample room for people to walk around in the dining room, even when there are people sitting in the chairs. Following these tips will help you choose the perfect dining room table for your home.

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