Thursday, June 25, 2009

Incorporating Luxury Furniture into your Modern Décor

Contemporary styles and modern furnishings today incorporate stylish, comfortable, and elegant furniture and accessories into the homes of people that appreciate the smooth lines and clean details that décor brings to the ambiance of a home. The furnishings in a home are only a part of a luxurious look. The other part depends on the placement and positioning of such furniture and accents as well. These two aspects of home decorating combine to bring modern luxury to contemporary homes.
The beauty of it all is that every home can achieve this look, whether they are newly constructed or they are a century old. The current trend in decorating is to mix and match styles. Almost everyone has some things that have sentimental value to them that may not “fit” into their décor in their home. Many people make the mistake of stuffing these trinkets on shelves where they sit for years. The idea is to either tuck it away to bring out only every so often or display it as an active part of your décor. Stuffing too many things on shelves quickly can make even the most fashionable room look cluttered and tacky.
Fortunately, the trends in home décor today follow the pattern of modern combined with classic looks. For example, contemporary chrome floor lamps are in style and in high demand for rooms of all kinds today, and for those who love the retro look, the origins of lamps like these emanate from the 1960s. This is one example of how retro, old furnishings are revived to make a statement of luxury and fashion in today’s homes. Other examples of this combined retro/modern style include things like slip covers on sofas with bright, bold accent pillows, faux-fur blankets, Louis XV style chairs, and classic chaise lounges.
Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold designs in glassware in your modern luxury home, either. Glass-cut chandeliers with droplets are radiant when used with high ceilings, and mirrors are other items that can turn the look of any room from drab to fab. Using mirrors can make a room look much larger, adding width and/or depth to it, and they also add dimension and style as well. Today there is no such thing as going overboard with mirrors, so you can have fun with ornate wooden-framed ones or gold Baroque styles too. From mirrors to lamps and everything in between, modern home décor is anything and everything, as long as balance rules in every room.

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