Friday, May 4, 2012

Bobby Berk’s 11 Decor Tips for a Happy Home

Your cozy bed. Your snazzy kitchen appliances. Your favorite colors, fabrics, and photos. Your home is YOU in the form of furniture, flatware and picture frames. If you feel uninspired by your surroundings or cluttered within your walls, you’ll never be able to enjoy fully enjoy that place you call home.
Spa Week’s Design and Organizational Expert Bobby Berk is a Texas native who started his career at design powerhouses Restoration Hardware and Portico Bed & Bath, and now has his own stores in New York, Miami and Atlanta, with LA coming soon. He is known for his mid-century style and playful use of acrylic, stainless steel, and wood. You’ve probably seen his designs on HGTV, Bravo, Extreme Home Makeover; he’s truly bridged the gap between the ridiculously high priced innovative designs you oh-so desire and the lame cheap-o pieces you find at super stores with zero wow factor.
Bobby says: “A clean and organized home can do wonders for your overall health and well-being.” If you haven’t yet, join Bobby’s Spring Cleaning Challenge (starting tomorrow!) – he dares you to remove one item from your home a day for 10 days straight. “You will feel empowered by freeing yourself of bulky design elements like too-big vases and lamps or cluttered and under-used storage bins that are just taking up space.” Bobby insists. “Liberate yourself from bad design and clutter and turn your home into a sanctuary of inviting relaxation that you can be proud of and will look forward to coming home to.” And although “there are no rules…” Bobby strongly encourages the following:

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