Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dining With Gus Modern

Gus Modern is back under the spotlight this month with their Dine With Gus sale. With a 20% discount across several pieces of wares and furnishing, now is a great time to start putting together the dining room you've always wanted.

Plank Dining Table and Bench With Thompson Chair

Gus Modern has a simple and clean aesthetic that's inherent in all of their pieces, and their dining tables are no exception. The Plank Dining Table ($1,160) and Bench ($460) is a perfect example of this; their minimalistic design allows the wood grain to be the main decorative element of the two. The Stanley Dining Table ($1,276) and Stanley Dining Bench ($540) are also very minimal but is lighter in color, and feature stainless steel legs for those who prefer a touch of metal.

Stanley Dining Table Set With School Chairs

Of course, what's a dining set without additional seating for the guests? Gus's Thompson Chairs ($400) in black complements the dark walnut colors of the Plank perfectly. The Stanley has a matching set of Stools ($319.20) but Gus's School Chairs ($236) in natural wood work just as well.

Bathurst Cabinet 2 Door Slide Unit

Finally, don't forget to check out Gus's wooden cabinets while you're in the market. The Bathurst Cabinet 2 Door Slide Unit ($1,356) can be used to store pantry goods, plastic utensils, napkins, and whatnot. For more selections, head over to our website and check out our dedicated Dine With Gus Sale section!

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Florence Carole said...

That plank dining table looks lovely. Has anyone purchased one of their tables? We love Gus Modern's bisectional so much that we are planning to buy a set of dining room furniture when we have the money.

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