Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gift Guide ’10: THE TECH GEEK

Parrot Speakers in Kiwi by Philippe Starck

Our next post is about the he or she in your life who needs the hottest new gadget- The Tech Geek! We know Techie gifts can be pricey, but who deserves a great gift more than the person who fixes your computer when it crashes or did your website gratis? We've got a fabulous line up of design-forward gadgets and accessories that your geek will enjoy using all year long.


Sonoro recently came out with new colors for their MP3-compatible Cubo Stereo ($299). Pick up a stereo in licorice red, bubble gum pink, or sour lemon yellow. Iconic designer Philippe Starck’s Parrot Speakers ($1,600) are a techie’s dream. They are MP3, WiFi and Bluetooth compatible and almost completely wireless. Their stunning, ultra-modern sculpted shape incorporates advanced technology that delivers an intense and powerful sound with spectacular clarity. But what do you gift the geek who has everything? We’ve got you covered with techies accessories: The Vers Audio iPad Shellcase ($80) or the 1E Sound Isolation Earphones ($50) will help your techie enjoy their gadgets in style!

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