Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gift Guide '10: THE NATURE LOVER

Campy Planters by perch!

Our next post is about that green-thumbed friend or relative of yours always looking for a little garden pizzazz and a way to bring the beauty of nature indoors during winter. Think that buying a hose or a planter is a little bland for a holiday gift? Think again! We’re here to give you some ideas on how to get that unique something for your nature lover, and for those who just like to throw a fabulous dinner party al fresco from time to time.


Spice up your outdoor watering with the Alice Supply Co Garden Hose ($40) available in both green and orange. The Nido Bird Feeder ($79) from Blomus will give your feathered friends a stylish place to dine while the Lumbra Lantern ($175.49) will cast its own sophisticated glow on your garden table. To bring a little outdoors indoors take a look at the whimsical Campy Planters ($76) or the sleek Plantorb ($116) both by Perch! And what’s a patio without a little furniture? Try the brightly colored Rho Lounge Chairs ($575) by John Kelly.

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