Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oops Crib by Structured Green-A Happy Accident

Balance your need for style and desire to help better the Earth with The Oops Crib by Structured Green.It's made with quality materials that are sustainably produced, certified reclaimed, recycled or recyclable. Recently, much has been made of saving trees to avoid the onset of climate change. Recycled lumber materials are everywhere: old homes and buildings are being torn down everyday, but it can be difficult to reclaim and require additional man hours. Structured Green believes it's worth the extra effort to avoid cutting down another tree. The crib is not only beautifully constructed, it's also free of toxic chemicals.They use water safe adhesives, and a finish of raw, food grade tung oil for a deep shine. That means baby is breathing in noxious gases in his slumber.
The crib's child-safe sides features variegated bamboo slats that give the bed a rich modern look. And what are the origins of the name? The Structured Team explains the name‘Oops’ name by saying, “When Mom said you were her happy accident, she was only half kidding. We love you just the same.” We love the Oops Crib, and we're not joking!

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