Monday, May 24, 2010

Bobby Berk Home Welcomes New Clothier and SoHo Neighbor All Saints

Everyone knows if you're looking for great fashion or home design you head to SoHo, NYC! SoHo is home to the world's top designers and retailers and we're so proud to be part of this exceptional community. The latest addition to our neighborhood is British clothing store All Saints. After months of walking by the boarded up storefront, we were excited to be able to step inside and peruse their wares. Let's just say, it has quickly become one of our new favorite stores. They offer up a hot line of quality clothing for men and women. The All Saints style has a rock-n-roll vibe with a clean edge, one word-sexy! All Saints 'celebrity entrance' (or what common folks might call the backdoor!) is also on Crosby Street, just a hop, skip and a jump from Bobby Berk Home. So don't be surprised to find us cruising the aisles of All Saints on our lunch hour. Actually, it might be dangerous to have them in such close proximity. We want to buy everything! Another new neighbor is the SoHo Synagogue. An inspirational addition to the neighborhood, the SoHo Synagogue is being billed as the 'hipster synagogue'. It's a gorgeous space and did you know, the first synagogue in SoHo? Crosby Street is also home to Vespa SoHo (want one!) and Bloomie's celebrity entrance. So next time you shop Bobby Berk Home, visit some of our fabulous neighbors. Crosby Street is where it's happening!

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