Friday, January 8, 2010

Modern Bedding by Dwell Designers

The company responsible for the fabulously popular Dwell bedding is DwellStudio, which was born as Dwell Home Furnishings in 1999. Although the company is a young one, it quickly proved itself as a leader in the fashion and design industries with its fresh approach to vibrant and modern textile designs. The company was created by founder and creative director Christiane Lemieux, who was later joined by Joshua Young, who is her husband and Jennifer Chused. Together the group of experts has created the ultimate collection of affordable, beautiful, classy designs that will long be the par that many other companies will struggle to live up to. There are already several students and smaller companies who try to replicate some of the looks that DwellStudio has come up with, but sometimes as everyone knows there is just nothing quite like the real thing.

The brand is a firm believer in tradition, and the Dwell bedding is produced in a family-owned factory in Portugal, which also happens to be one of Europe's finest textile mills. The marriage of tradition with trendsetting in modern styles is part of the reason for the success of the company's expansion in the last decade-plus since it was first created. Much of the fame for the teams' products is owed to the attractive designs that are used, and part of the fame also lies in the luxurious and high quality fabrics that those designs are placed on.

The design and dedication to quality that the group provided quickly gained them a devoted following and in no time, they were considered to be one of the most innovative design companies on the market. The collections grew and eventually spread to include kids designs, tabletop fashions and others in addition to the Dwell bedding. They have a full line of baby, children, tabletop and bed linen collections that are out, and they are consistently marked by a signature use of color and quality construction along with attractive conceptions.

Although in 1999 the company started out as a home furnishings designer, in November of 2007 the company became known as DwellStudio, changing its name to encompass the different lines of design that focus on tabletop, children, baby and more. Aesthetically attractive designs, using clean shapes, bold yet simple colors and design ideas that push the envelope in a tasteful and classy way are all characteristic of the company that is responsible for the wildly popular Dwell bedding that millions of fashion fans and design divas constantly clammer over.

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