Thursday, April 12, 2012

Go Green This Spring!

The way we see it, there are so many green/eco-friendly products out there now-a-days, why go any other way? The Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional (#1; $2999) is constructed with an FSC certified hardwood frame, and the owner of the Ribbon Stripe Rug (#2; $206.25 to $825.00) by Armadillo&Co. and the pillows by Bholu (#3; $119) donate part proceeds from the collection back to the Bholu Anganwadi Project, which has now built a total of 8 pre-schools with Architects Without Frontiers Australia in underprivileged communities in India, and have several more under construction, which now provide over 280 poor children with love, education, and a nutritious meal. What's more beautiful than that? Oh, that's right... the majority of them double as a clinic once the children have left for the day.
The Check Shelf by BuiltIN Studio (#4; $570) is coated in Low VOC Polyurethane, which helps to provide cleaner indoor air quality, reduced chemical emissions, and reduces air quality related illnesses, such as asthma. BuiltIN Studio is well known for their quality shelves, and work primarily in residential and commercial design building custom shelving units all over New York City. The Pixel Burst Low Table (#5; $1650) is available in countless variations, including multiple color options and design variations in the laser-cut detailing. Botanist is committed to reducing the environmental impact of mass consumerism while benefiting social causes by donating 2% of Botanist sales to a partner foundation chosen by each participating designer (which, by the way, there are 18 of). Currently, Botanist supports 18 foundations with over 650 product SKU's, proving that, once again, beautiful modern design can make a difference. The more you look for green design, the more of these lovely stories you come across. At Bobby Berk Home, we fully support our Eco-friendly designers, and highly recommend that you do the same!

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