Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's sometimes difficult to add a staircase to your space without it looking obtrusive. Who wants to spend all of their time and hard earned money designing a beautiful home, just to have an ugly staircase jut right out into the middle of it? Whether you want something practical (like the built in shelving or seating areas underneath) or something modern and chic, there are plenty of ways to make your staircase a unique focal point in your home.

We were amazed when we saw some of the beautiful variations (as shown in the blog post by Apartment Therapy), so we did some poking around of our own. Pick an open stair case with thin steps allowing you the space to add seating or shelving underneath, or pick one of the many floating staircases for an instant "aw" factor. One of our personal favorites is the beautiful and elegant staircase that shifts from a traverse to a spiral after the first landing. Stunning, simple, and chic (perfect if you just-so-happen to have a lovely loft space such as that).  

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