Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inhabit Wall Flats as shown in HGTV's Kitchen Cousins!

The Wall Flats by Inhabit Living take on a modern, three-dimensional eco-friendly wallcovering. Does it get any better than that? Made from molded Bagasse pulp, this is 100% pre-consumer sugarcane waste with absolutely no chemical fillers or additives, and an off white paintable surface. Each tile is 18 x 18" and 3/4" deep with 10 tiles to each box (covering 22.5 square feet)! Inhabit Living is owned and run by a husband and wife who design everything from scratch. They are not just private labeling existing designs or making pillows or bedding from someone's fabrics... These are their sketches, thoughts, and ideas brought to life in the Inhabit line. We feel the uniqueness of the Inhabit Living line can be attributed to the fact that they probably don't think like normal textile and product designers. They were both schooled as graphic designers and have owned and operated Planet 10, an award-winning brand development firm since 1996. It has never been about the awards or recognition that come from design. It has always been about finding out what the brand is truly about, who it's customer is, and being true to that no matter what. Inhabit is never going to a be a brand for everyone. But, isn't that the point?

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