Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not Just Your Ordinary Fireplace

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a fireplace in their home, and for those of us without one, there aren't many solutions. Or not that we've known of.

Too often we let good design stop at the back door, but our Modfire fireplaces ($950-$1250) are a fantastic center piece and are available as either wood or gas burning! Some spaces beg for a shock of color to lift them from ordinary to unbelievable, and the Modfire will guarantee to do just that. Or, if a splash of color isn't what you're looking for, the Natural Steel Modfire ($950) is still a beautiful accent piece!

The Steel undergoes a bluing process and is hand-waxed before leaving the studio. While aging, the natural steel patina will weather into a completely unique finish - each Modfire taking on it's own personality. All Modfires are handcrafted out of thick fourteen gauge steel and colorfully coated in hi-temp paint, designed to be an heirloom that lasts a lifetime. So, as summer comes to an end and you prepare yourself for many months of sweaters and time spent indoors, why not throw in a Modfire and enjoy that evening warmth just a bit longer?

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