Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elemental Living - The Ultimate in American Made Modern Furiture

Elemental Living defines elemental as the harmonious integration of simplicity and nature. We build modern furniture using honest forms and materials to create clarity in your home. Our furnishings combine high style and function made available to all consumers. Our democratic design approach means we craft furniture that is accessible to everyone. Our goal is to create furnishings that have a value beyond their price because they aren’t just functional and attractive; they are essential elements to modern life.

To create modern furniture that is timeless and lasting Elemental Living use the finest woods, metals, and textiles. The materials we select must be considered not only for their individual aesthetic qualities, but also for their durability. These carefully chosen materials provide identity and strength to each piece of furniture we build. We only use these simple materials in the creation of our furniture because furniture is not technologically centric. Human proportion and ergonomics are some of the only facets of life that are not changing as fast as technology develops. Our simple material palette allows us to create furniture that transcends time.


Style and function must coexist in order for a piece of furniture to be truly beautiful. Every shape, angle, and dimension we design is a balance of aesthetics and human interaction. These are the essential elements that drive the form of every design. Our furniture is designed to honestly apply materials where their functional properties are not stretched beyond capability. Each piece of furniture expresses this through simple forms and lines. Our designs bring legibility to the construction of the object. By combining an organized way of thinking with artistic gestures we create furniture that balances aesthetics and ergonomics.


Quality begins with the materials you use and how they are assembled. Elemental Living uses the finest woods and textiles to create our American Made modern furniture. Our designs create a natural strength and durability where the materials are placed and used in a manner that takes advantage of their inherent properties. However, our quality goes beyond the materials. Our furniture is designed for life. We challenge the perceptions of our throwaway society to change the way people think when making purchases. Design and quality create intrinsic lasting value.


A limited material palette and honest form making allow us to create furniture that expresses clean and functional design. Clearly articulated structure along with the tactile quality of wood, metal and textiles brings a psychological level of comfort and balance. Our straightforward legible designs help create spaces that provide a refuge from an often chaotic world.

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