Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Old-School Is The New Cool

Normann Copenhagen BIKE

Retro seems to have built an everlasting legacy for itself. In a world where people are always on the lookout for new trends, that old 60's and 70's aesthetic never goes out of style. Never mind sleek and modern. Revel in bright colors, simple patterns, and classic designs. Here are some highlights from our new Retro section.

Aimee Wilder Analog Nights Wallpaper

Aimee Wilder has a wide assortment of old-style wallpapers that will appeal to the retro enthusiast. Up top is Analog Nights ($140), whose patterns are true to its name. Also available as a  pillow ($50). If you prefer something simpler and brighter, the Baby Wallpaper ($140) is your calling.

Haskell Series 9 Chaise Lounge

Newcomer Haskell has some very groovy outdoor additions of their own, all of which are eco-friendly and totally cool. Check out the Series 9 Occasional Table ($2,574) or the Series 9 Sultan ($282 - $1,176). Imagine laying back on the Series 9 Chaise Lounge ($528 - $1,844) by the ocean on a warm summer day.

Our new dedicated Retro page is now up and running, so head over to our website and have a look at our full line of retro wares and furnishings!


Pheobe.Madison said...

Those furniture look very hip indeed.
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cherry said...

These are cool selections. I wouldn't mind having some retro feel to my kid's nursery.

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Timmy.Norris said...

Old things are really cool, thank you for sharing.
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