Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Form and Function: Modern Art Meets Modern Design

Strida Bike 5.0 - Green

So many styles to choose from... classic or contemporary? Victorian or Dan Golden? We've given Retro plenty of attention recently, so today we're going to show Modern some love. Here are some far-out selections that will bring any home into the 21st century.

John Kelly Rho Lounge Chair

Blomus Enza Dip Bowl Set on Tray
John Kelly has recently added several new pieces to his Rho collection. Up top is his Rho Lounge ($575), whose bright colors will add energy to any patio or backyard. For the indoors, the Rho Sofa ($1,355) and Rho Loveseat ($950) have curved arms as well, and both are very sleek in their overall designs.

If you're into modern metal, then you will love Blomus. Their Ondea Bowls ($82.89 - $110.49) and CopoTeapot ($88) are simple in design but their free-flowing designs stand out in any kitchen or dining room. For the outdoors, check out the Nido Bird Feeder ($88) and the Aguo Watering Can ($87 - $150).
Magis Lyra Stool
Boskke Sky Planter

Magis has an amazing line of chairs and stools that double as eye candy for house guests. The Chair One ($840 - $868) has a polygonal design that has an oddly digital feel to it, perfect for math and computer enthusiasts. The Flower Chair ($1,092) has a translucent backing that makes it stand out. The Voido Chair ($1,082 - $2,669) is simply a work of art in itself!

As always, there's more to be had. Head over to our website and check out our entire lineup of home furnishings!

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