Monday, December 20, 2010

Gift Guide '10: THE ANIMAL LOVER

Modern Baby Squirrel Clock by Decoylab

Our next post is all about those guys and girls who have a place in their hearts for animals. Nothing would please them more than to be able to express their fondness for their favorite beast or critter. Whether they're into fluff, fur, or feathers, we have a fun selection of gift ideas that will make them go wild!


The little ones will go bananas over the hand-crafted Mavis Monkey Doll ($56). The Metoo Puppy ($75) by Magis is also a great choice for energetic toddlers. For grown-ups, the Ursa Minor Figure ($85) by David Weeks is a fun piece of grizzly decor for any room. Accentuate the bedroom with the Night Owl Applique Pillow ($60) by Honeyami. The Octopus Shower Curtain ($96) by Thomas Paul compliments the bathroom with an aquatic touch. His Tweeter Ornament Set ($40) is also a perfect addition to the tree with Christmas just around the corner.

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