Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Socially Responsible Design, Singgih Kartono Magno Radio

Sure we love the simplistic retro modern design of the Magno Radio, but it's the craftsmanship and commitment to social responsibility that really impresses us! Singgih Kartono's Magno Radio, revitalizes craft industries in Indonesian villages, by creating jobs for local people. By creating jobs, Magno, provides them the opportunity to better their community and thus, improve their own quality of life. Kartono says,
"During my final years at university, I was troubled by a very big question: Where should I go and what should I do after I graduate? Should I work as an in-house designer, for a design office, somewhere in the city or should I go back to my village Kandangan in Central Java And set up a business?"
Singgih chose to return to his village and create a new industry more suitable to his village's way of life, manufacturing handcrafted design products.
"Craft is an alternative economic activity that has the potential to be developed and to grow in villages. It has characteristics that are suitable for villages' living conditions and growth prospects."
Singgih's dedication to revitalizing his community also applies to the materials he uses to create his products. He utilizes local wood that is sustainably harvested. And for every tree that is used in production, a new one is planted.
We support Singgih Kartono in his quest to transform communities with socially responsible design! The Magno Radio is available at Bobby Berk Home.

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