Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silx, Silk Filled Comforters are a Natural Alternative to Down.

Looking for an alternative to down, cotton or wool comforters? What about silk? No, we're not just talking about silk covered bedding, but an actual comforter filled with silk! Introducing, Silx, makers of the Silk Filled Comforter. Silk is 100% natural and has many wonderful properties. Not only is the comforter naturally fire retardant (no chemicals), it's also hypoallergenic and inhospitable to dust mites. The secret to this luxury bedding is the 1,300 feet of hand stretched mulberry silk strands inside the comforter. And Silx will not bunch like down comforters. Each strand stays in place so you're not constantly redistributing 'filling'.The Silx comforter is nearly half the weight of down, for maximum heat retention without the heaviness of a traditional down comforter. Silk is the strongest natural fiber and contains 18 Amino acids, which can help calm the nervous system and slow the aging of skin and keep it feeling soft and smooth. The ultimate in self-indulgence and a gorgeous addition to any bedroom. Treat yourself and your skin to a luxurious Silx Comforter!

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