Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sleepypod Pet Carrier is also a Pet Bed!

Looking for a comfortable and safe way to ferry your furry loved one from Point A to Point B? The Sleepypod Pet Carrier transports your cat or dog in their own bed, so they feel like they've never left home. Unzip the cover from The Sleepypod Pet Carrier and it becomes a cozy bed for Fido. Don't worry about messes. It's machine washable, for easy clean-up. When you're ready to travel, simply zip the sturdy mesh top onto the bed base and you're ready to go. Your pet can become a jet-setter without leaving his own bed! Experts agree, keeping pets calm and comfortable during travel means less stress and a more enjoyable trip for both of you! Sleepypod can also be used as a car seat for your pet. You can buckle Sleepypod into a car seat belt, so the pod is secure and won't slide around inside the vehicle. Keep your pet safe and secure when driving! The Sleepypod is a multi use carrier that provides your pet with: a bed, a carrier and a pet car seat all in one!

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