Friday, May 21, 2010

Organizing a Small Apartment- Some tips to Get You Started

The spring cleaning season is almost over, now it's time to get organized! But what if you live in small space? It can be a challenge organizing a small apartment, but it's not impossible! Here are just a few organizing tools to get you started on the path to tidiness:
  • Look for multifunction furniture. Seating can easily do double duty. The Eastvold Entry Bench can be used to for sitting, but it's drawers and shelves can also keep your outdoor gear where you need it.
  • Bring your books and magazines up to new heights! Magazines will be easy to reach and attractively displayed with the Blomus Wire Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack.
  • Modern dish drainers can help create space in small kitchens. The Magis Dish Doctor holds a surprising number of dishes and when not in use can be quickly placed under a counter. What's the best dish drainer ever? The one that can easily be put away when not in use!
  • You could always take the direct approach and proudly display your clutter. Collections, clothing and toys can be attractively arranged on shelves. Try using brightly-colored ones, like the Way Basic Rectangle Plus 3 Shelf. Bold colors can help to distract from the contents of the shelving.
'Neat and tidy' should be every small apartment dwellers mantra. You can't hide everything in a small space. Just remember, whatever you choose to reveal, make sure it's clean and orderly. You may even try color-coding clothing or books to give a sharper look.

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