Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aquaovo Ovopur Filtration System is a Eco-Friendly Alternative to Bottled Water

Who doesn't enjoy the taste of a nice bottle of cold filtered water on a hot summer day? We certainly do. Americans buy an estimated 29.8 billion bottles of water per year. That's a lot of H2O! Unfortunately, all those bottles amount to a gigantic eco-nightmare, because eight out of ten water bottles will end up in a landfill. The Aquaovo Ovopur Filtration System gets rid of the bottle all together, by providing you with a natural water filtering alternative. Ovopur's award winning design utilizes an offline gravitational filter with multi layers that remove 99% of water born pollutants. It's made of chemical free porcelain and lead free glazing, so you can be sure you're drinking only clean water and not swallowing harmful chemicals. It's attractive egg shaped design helps to circulate the water, regenerating it, so your water doesn't become stagnant. This helps to reduce bacteria build up, which you often see in other types of filtration systems. And you won't be changing filters every month! Ovopur's filter lasts 4 months and is recyclable. Place the Ovopur on the counter, fill it with water and forget about it. The magnetic marker on the side of the unit indicates when the water level is low so you can refill it. It holds approximately 2.9 gallons. The Aquaovo Ovopur is an excellent way to enjoy clean, healthy water without wasting our Earth's valuable resources!

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