Friday, February 26, 2010

Today's Crib Bedding Trends

Crib bedding sets need to be soft, comfortable, stain resistant and above all safe so that parents won't have to worry every time they lay their infants down at night. There are so many different designs, styles and flairs that sets have, from fish and safari animals to modern contemporary designs and geometric shapes that you will have a good time trying to choose the one crib bedding set that will suit your child well.
Most of the sets that are out on the market today are 4 piece sets that include a comforter, a fitted sheet, the bumpers and a dust ruffle. These 4 piece crib bedding sets are available in many popular infant and toddler colors, themes and motifs. There are also some sets that include more than four pieces- some might include everything from a changing table cover or a small table lamp to diaper stackers, window treatments and mobiles. Most people prefer to follow not only the same theme for their nursery but they will want to stay with the same sets of crib bedding items in the exact design from the same manufacturer.
One of the current fashion trends today is baby clothing and supplies that are organic. Cotton is the natural fiber that is most often used for organic products, and those that are certified organic are the products that were made without harmful chemicals or toxins in them. There can be no harmful synthetic chemicals used during the planting, growing, harvesting, manufacturing or processing of the fibers that are used. This natural way of processing clothing is better not only for the farmers who grow those crops, but also is healthier and safer for the people who manufacture the clothing, in addition to the children who wear them.
It seems these days that modern crib bedding is either bold in color or neutral in color, one or the other. Earth tones that are nice, light and easy on the eyes are common, but so are the bright, vivid, bold solid colors like deep red and sea blue. Although small patterns had been popular for decades in the past, the modern look today for crib bedding is large, simple geometric shapes or stripes or large prints. The tiny, flowery prints are out for the time being as far as current trends are concerned. If you are undecided about what is trendy for the year in crib bedding styles, you only need to go as far as the Internet for thousands of pictures of some of the current best sellers.

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