Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bobby Berk’s Favorites for Winter Bedding

Home Decor: As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops for those of us in snow country, I look to anything I can to warm it up inside until the planet tilts back to longer days and warmer nights.

Spoil yourself with bedding - its a great way to take the chill off winter nights - whether by myself or with someone special. I like bedding that seduces me - rich palettes, sumptuous layers, and smooth, inviting touches.

Bedding maker Matteo brings us something special this season, their new line DUE. Meaning two in Italian, Matteo’s DESIGN UNDER CONSTRUCTION line uses great italian fabrics with unexpected stitching, reinterpreted ticking and fantastic washes that make their sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases and throws soft to the touch but sturdy enough to make me want to stay in bed all day!!

For me winter is all about nesting. This is the time of year I’ll spend most at home, and most between the sheets! My bedroom is my sanctuary, where I go to rest, to recharge, and to give myself those stolen moments before I face the world. What better place to really spoil myself? Indulge with me - in colors like Night, Ash, Pewter and my favorite, Fig. These dark greys and browns are sophisticated and chic, perfect to underlay accent pillows in bold jewel colors and fiery oranges and reds, or even metallics for a sharper look. Regardless of how you accent them, these dark and delicious hues are subtle yet stunning.

What I love about bedding for winter is that I use layers on my bed just like I use layers in my wardrobe. DUE’s best dressed bed is the WASHED SATEEN for sheets and pillowcases. Of the collections in the line, look to Americana for great quilts, Fireside for a throw that beats any scarf your closet has to offer, and Thermal for those in-between layers. Building from the mattress up, I like a sheet, duvet, quilt and a throw. I build my nest from the bottom up, and I use it as my safe haven in the storm of urban life that I love so much. Engulfed in the toss of fabrics, I have three different kinds of pillows to create different sensations of softness, support and embrace. Three different sizes, encased in DUE’s subtle prints and strong patterns from the Pinwheel, Botanica and Nova collections.

So this winter cozy up in the bedroom where it all starts and ends - the BED! Great bed linens will make both your day and your dreams better. Wake up to warmth, come home to the crush of inviting texture and dive in, to awaken tomorrow recharged and ready to hit it again!

And if your nest is for two, all the better. You’ll keep your bedmate in bed longer and happier with a bed dressed for two! Do it up, do it right, and allow yourselves to linger

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