Monday, June 8, 2009

Avoiding Mistakes when Decorating with Unique Home Décor

There are some common decorating mistakes that people make when working with unique home décor, and these are things that can ruin the look of a room, no matter how much or how little money is spent to decorate. Keeping these mistakes in mind and avoiding them can really help you be successful in your interior decorating efforts, so follow closely!
The first common mistake that people make with unique home décor is spending a ton of money on furniture that does not fit the room. That which looks too small can keep a room looking empty and unfinished, which leads to another common mistake: filling rooms with too many accessories. This then leads to clutter and making the room look junky. Furniture that is too big makes a room look crowded and diminishes the floor space and moving area significantly, so be careful. Make sure you can picture the furniture in the room, and don’t try to compromise on space.
The next mistake that is made often is leaving rugs “floating”. This simply means having a rug in the middle of nowhere with nothing “connecting” it. Everything in a room should be connected physically and visually. A lot of rugs that are lying on the floor can not only trip people and injure them, but they slip, slide, and sometimes make it look like you are just trying to cover up some stain on the floor! Tuck corners of rugs under sofas and tables, and you’ll be good to go.
Next up is the common pattern problem. A lot of people pick up everything and anything that they find for a room, no matter what pattern or print it has, thinking that they are sure that they’ll find a way to make it work. Do not underestimate the power of solids! Easy on the patterns- too many create havoc in a room.
Probably the most common mistake when decorating with unique home décor is to have all of their furniture pushed up against the wall. Many people think that the room will look largest when they leave the middle of the floor open, but it is pretty effective to group furniture into little conversation groups or to tilt a table and rug in the corner instead of pushing it up against the wall. Keeping everything against the wall makes a room look very stiff and square- liven it up some! Put a table behind a couch with a lamp on it- tilt a chair so that it sits at an angle. You may be surprised at how different a room can look with the furniture a little bit askew.
The final big mistake that way too many people make with unique home décor is displaying every knick knack that they’ve ever gotten from every place they’ve been. This is never a good thing. Just like anything else in a room, there must be some degree of conformity. Don’t place a group of ten ceramic clowns alongside your china dishes- it doesn’t make sense. Choose a similar group of pieces to display and stick with that and that only, and you can rotate the groups that you put out every month or couple of months.

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