Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Magniflex SoyGreen Geo-Ethic Mattress

To create a unique product in harmony with nature and man, we use soy as our principal ingredient, one that is natural and comes from the earth itself. It may be superfluous to explain what soy is, but perhaps not everyone knows the reason for whic h millions of people worldwide use soy as their primary source of protein.

As a fiber,soy is composed of long srands of amino acids, the same amino acids that produce enzymes that are essential for the body's well being.

Our Soygreen covering, treated with microcapsules of soy protein, emits these beneficial properties during sleep for the entire body's benefit.

In addition to its rejuvenating properties, Soygreen is a pleasure for the eyes and to the touch.

Comparable to fine silk, soy fiber is very soft, luminous and lustrous. The internal structure of the Soygreen mattress is Ecogreen. Grooved on both sides of the mattress with deep-set channels, this unique core allows for increased air circulation throughout the mattress, assuring that you sleep in your most comfortable position and in a dry and hygienic environment.

Ecogreen is a natural material infused with essential plant oils known for their anti-rheumatic properties.

Once again, man and nature are together like leaves of the same tree, like cells of the same body, all part of the earth.

Mattress core treated with essential oils:

* Mattress height 10" (25cm)
* Orthopedic Ecogreen core
* Two side construction
* Superior breathability
* Recyclable

Soy fiber ticking:

* Regenerating microcapsules of soy protein
* Amino acid release
* Soft to the touch
* Removable and washable
* Ecological

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